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Gentle Leader

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Product Description

The Gentle Leader Headcollar finally offers a fast, gentle and effective way to control unwanted behaviour - without harsh methods or devices! Because it's scientifically designed to work with your dog's natural instincts, behaviour changes in minutes - not weeks!

At iQ Dog Toys we recommend this product as well as Easy Walk Harness. Where the Easy Walk Harness works less well, the Gentle Leader will "fix" chronic lead pullers where no amount of training would fix this. 

The Gentle Leader Headcollar stops pulling, lunging, jumping, and other unwanted behaviors with immediate, gentle control. Unlike traditional collars, the Gentle Leader® places pressure on the back of the neck instead of the front of the delicate throat, preventing choking and coughing. The nose loop allows you to direct your dog’s head in the direction you want to go. Most dogs quickly learn to stop pulling and start paying attention to you during walks.

Key Features

  • Reduces pulling on the leash
  • Perfect for training dogs to heel
  • Easy to fit and get dog used to wearing it
  • Collar sits high on dog’s neck without putting pressure on the throat
  • Nose loop redirects dog without the need for a muzzle



Choosing the correct size of the Gentle Leader Headcollar for your dog is simple. All you need to know is the approximate weight of your dog. The only exception is that certain breeds with specifically large or small heads may use a size other than what is listed for body weight. Please note - all sizes are adjustable to fit a variety of breeds in the specified weight range.

  • Small - Fits dogs and puppies that will have an adult weight of 5-10Kgs. Includes toy breeds and small dogs with a narrow, small muzzle. Examples: Toy Poodle, Lhasa Apso, Dachshund, Bichon, small Sheltie, Pomeranian, Shih-Tzu, Basenji, Fox Terriers, Jack Russels, Beagles etc.
  • Medium - Fits dogs and puppies that will have an adult weight of 10-27 Kgs. Also includes small dogs with a broad muzzle. Examples: Cocker, Spinger, Brittany, Collie, Beagle, Airedale, Australian Shepherd, Samoyed, Norwegian Elkhound, Kelpies, Pointers, Blue Heelers, etc. 
  • Large - Fits larger dogs that will have an adult weight of more than 30Kgs, and some dogs under 30 Kgs with larger heads. Examples: Basset, Golden, Lab, German Shepherd, Doberman, Sharpei, Rottweiler, Mastiffa, Old English Sheepdog, Malamute, Akita, Great Dane, etc.
  • For Puppies - Puppies of medium and large breeds can start at 8 to 10 weeks with a medium which they can wear until they reach 30 Kgs. Puppies of large breeds that are already over 20 Kgs should start with a large.
  • For Short Snout Dogs - Available in Medium and Large to fit Bulldog, Boxer etc. However, an Easy Walk Harness may be more appropriate.

Before fitting the Gentle Leader for the first time, make sure you have thoroughly read the instructions that come with it. The Gentle Leader is not difficult to use, but it is not used like a traditional collar and trying to use it like a traditional collar will only cause problems.

Warranty Information

Guarantee that your dog will stop pulling

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Product Reviews

  1. 10 minute miracle

    Posted by hannah on 8th Nov 2013

    I saw a lady with two big dogs in the pet store using this product. The dogs were relaxed and under control. I bought one and followed the instruction dvd. Fitted my dog and went outside and what a miracle. This is a 65 pound dog that is very strong and I am a senior. It was a struggle to walk her. I can now walk her with no tugging whatsoever! She is so proud for learning something new and I am so proud too!

  2. What a relief

    Posted by david neiman on 8th Nov 2013

    Walking our growing six-month old puppy was becoming increasingly stressful as our otherwise sweet and obedient girl approached 50 lbs. She was almost impossible to control on a leash whenever we passed other dogs, children, squirrels, etc., and she would often pull so hard that she would literally strangle herself until she was retching and wheezing to get her breath. Walks were a frustrating and sometimes angry experience that we were beginning to dread.

    Our puppy’s first walk with the Gentle Leader was nearly miraculous. While she occasionally pawed at the nose loop in frustration, we encouraged her with words and treats and enjoyed a 45-minute walk, almost without incident. When we did pass another dog she tried to leap and pull but it required minimal force to guide her back to heel, and she quickly realized that it was impossible to have her normal way. On subsequent walks she seemed to understand her new limitations, tested them less frequently, and our walks have become relaxed and enjoyable, even in situations that previously triggered her wild behaviour. We are so relieved that we will be able to control and modify her leash behaviour and we recommend the Gentle Leader without reservation. Thank you for making this great product.

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