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The chasing game

Most people think that puppies and dogs are just made for each other. Kids love the chase, and puppies love to run. Sounds like a perfect mix for them to release energy. And it is! but... 

For some puppies (and certain breeds), the chase game can start some dogs herding so they can start nipping kids which in terms makes them scream. The screaming excites the dog, and voila, a recipe for disaster.

Since you can't stop the game of chase ... it's just too fun... why don't you redirect what they are catching. Instead of catching you, allow your dog to catch a dog toy. 

What kind of toy is appropriate and safer? a long toy in which the child can drag behind then or beside them. So instead of the dog or puppy nipping the child, they can grab the toy.

You can either make one yourself (see instructions- opens in a new window) or you can buy a tennis tug from us. 

Remember, bring this toy out to play with, don't allow it to lie down and get chewed on and destroyed. It's to have fun with your puppy and child, and if you have two dogs, they can play tug on their own- supervise as you don't want it to get out of control. 

If you would like to share a picture of your dog using a tug rope and would like to see it on our website, please send it along and we'll give you all the photo credit! 


Braided dog ropes so that a child can play with the dog