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Doglinks.co.nz -- Leading you into New Zealand's Dog Web--Information about working dogs, training issues, dog tricks, dog problems, a listing of dog clubs, trainers, breeders and kennels, canine health and care, and a place for teachers & students. 
Fishpond Logo Borderless Fishpond.co.nz New Zealand discounted books, music and movies. Really great service. We've never had any problems with them!

 Sound Clips



 Sound Clips- find some sound clips of environmental sounds that your dog might not like too much :)
Desensitise your dog to noise that he might feel uneasy with.... 

Homestay for Dogs in Christchurch




Homestay for your dog while you are away-- Christchurch. Some people call it dog sitting, but it's more than sitting, it's entertaining, it's walking, it's keep their mind active, and most of all, it's providing shelter in a loving house.
   If you know of great websites that deserve to be included, let us know.