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Dog training classes in Christchurch

Posted on 30th Jan 2014 @ 6:41 PM

School of the Naked Dog

Discover the Einstein at the end of your leash! Our Life Skills class will help you learn the skills to have a better behaved dog at home, and in public.
These classes are for dogs of all ages - pups too!

Here is what you'll learn: 
- how to keep his 4 paws on the ground (no more jumping on visitors!) 
- how to share a toy 
- how to teach games like retrieve 
- demonstrate the ability to wait nicely in a sit for a few moments building to a few minutes 
- getting your dog to come to his name and to a whistle 
- walk on a loose leash with mild to heavier distractions 
- demonstrate the ability to 'leave it' momentarily when something fun or tasty drops to the floor or the ground in front of him or her 
- teach commands like sit, and down and how to do this in your everyday life 
- build some self control and focus by watching the handler 
- have better car manners

Learn more than you thought your dog could do! We encourage everyone in the family to participate. Indoor and heated.

WHEN: Wednesday evening Starts at 7pm

WHERE: Hall at the Blind Foundation, 96 Bristol Street, Merivale.